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Provide clients with an easy-to-use, responsive CMS

  • Widgets
  • Responsive
  • Live Editing

Tab 1

You decide exactly how much or how little editing control to give to clients

Hard-coded elements

In development, you can choose whether to use a widget or hard- code elements onto a page.


In this example the 'Feature' has been inserted as a widget - allowing the end user to edit its settings.

Content zone

A content 'zone' allows the user to drag, drop and delete widgets.

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Tab 2

One size fits all screens and devices

Responsive Views

Clients can preview their site across multiple device options.

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Tab 3

Switch seamlessly between editing and previewing - without switching screens

Edit / preview modes

Edit then preview, then edit some more with just the flick of a switch.

Instant Publishing

Our editor gives your clients the ability to publish a site in 2-clicks.

Live Site Editing

Drag, drop and add widgets from the 'contents' menu without leaving the editor UI.

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A problem shared is a problem halved. But thanks to BaseKit’s online help resources, a problem shared with the community, is a problem solved. Let’s build better. Together.


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