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Why partner with BaseKit?

Reduce Churn

Give your customers more reasons to stay by offering the most beautiful sites and the best site editor.

Increased Revenue

Build sustainable revenue by offering your customers attractive packages with simple upgrade paths.

Easy Deployment

BaseKit is built from the ground up to be easy to deploy and maintain in a wide range of hosting environments.

Great Conversion Rates

BaseKit platform products have some of the highest conversion rates in the industry.

Our partners get conversion rates of between 10% - 30% from free accounts to paid subscriptions.

Expert Assistance Included

Our dedicated partner team is here to provide valuable adviceon how to commercialise the product and increase your conversion rates.

Customer Support

We provide support documentation and front-line issue resolution at no extra charge.

Every customer gets a beautiful, responsive site.

Websites for All Devices

Our responsive sites are designed from the ground up to look great on any device. See how your site looks at any point without having to wait for conversions or use a secondary application.

Don't settle for a website builder that adds a clumsy 'mobile conversion' process at the end of the site publishing workflow. Only a fully responsive site can provide a simple, consistent way for your customers to make websites that work everywhere.

Customer Testimonials

Proud to partner with these and many other leading hosting companies.

"We are very happy with our partnership with Basekit, the website builder enables our customers to easily create great looking websites for their business."

123Reg - Richard Winslow, Head of Hosting

"While searching for a new website builder, we came across Basekit and we are happy to say, we found the best tool on the market. Our customers are happy as now they can build professional-looking and mobile-ready websites with just few clicks." Paweł Skarżynski, Product Manager

"BaseKit were the only team that we felt we could work with, as they shared our vision for enabling users to quickly create fantastic looking websites."

UK2 Group - Andy Manning, Director