The best cloud-based products for small businesses in 2021

Entrepreneurs are business superheroes – and busy people! There are only 24 hours in the day, so for small businesses, the battle against the clock is real. Tools and software that increase efficiency are a solopreneur’s best friend.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best cloud-based products that will help your small business customers succeed.

What is a cloud-based product?

A cloud-based product is a piece of software which runs over an internet connection. Rather than install and run software on a user’s local computer or network, cloud products run on the vendor’s servers, with users accessing products via an internet connection.

Why should small businesses use cloud-based products?

Cloud-based products are good for small businesses because they are cost-effective, reduce the need for maintenance and updates which means small businesses don’t need to hire expensive specialists. Small businesses can also scale cloud-based products easily as they grow.

Whether saving time, making marketing easier, or profits greater, here’s the rundown of the cloud software your SMB customers need to thrive in 2021.

The best cloud-based products for small business in 2021:

Website builder

Getting online is a priority for small businesses. A website is a digital storefront, a marketing tool, and the center of a small business’ digital footprint. In the midst of a pandemic, a website is even more important: with physical stores closed or opportunities to meet customers face-to-face reduced, a website is a bona fide route to market. Website builders make it quick and easy to create a beautiful, functional, commercially viable site – no web designer required. BaseKit has been helping small businesses get online, and thrive, for over a decade.

Online booking and appointments

For businesses that provide a service, a way for customers to book services online is crucial. Comprehensive bookings software allows SMB owners to take reservations, manage appointments and even process payments. This saves time and reduces the stressful admin associated with manual bookings – as well as making the process smoother for the end-customer. Watch out for BaseKit’s product updates for exciting developments on our own online bookings software.

Accounting and finance software

Keeping on top of the finances is key to the success of any small business. Cloud accounting software lets SMBs see what’s coming in, what’s going out, process tax returns and send invoices and receipts. Whether a small business is operating full-time or as a side-hustle, a good product takes the stress out of money management. Options include Quickbooks, Xero, FreshBooks, Sage, and more.

Project management

Get organised! All entrepreneurs need to keep on top of their projects and responsibilities, no matter how large or small the business is. Software such as TrelloMonday, and Asana helps business owners to create tasks and lists, prioritise, and work collaboratively online. No more paper trails and real-time updates mean everyone is on the same page. What’s not to like? Projects that run smoothly and more time to create a successful business.

Writing tools

No matter what kind of business your SMB customers run, they’ll need to use the written word at some point. In their marketing, when communicating with customers, suppliers, and even their staff. Clear writing makes the business look professional and helps create a positive impression which builds customer trust and enhances business. However, not everyone is comfortable with the written word. Cloud products such as Grammarly highlights errors and suggests alternatives to improve the flow and clarity of writing. Perfect for the reluctant writer!

Sales and marketing:

This is a big topic for any business, not least for small businesses who have to do everything themselves. There are different kinds of cloud-based marketing and sales products, and the main benefits of each of them are organisation, consistency, and active management of customers.

Here’s our pick of the best cloud-based sales and marketing software for small businesses in 2021.

CRM software

CRM software allows business owners and marketers to keep a list of customers, so the business can engage them with marketing campaigns. SMBs can create, run and measure campaigns, as well as gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour by analysing campaign results. Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign and HubSpot are good examples of CRM software for small business and are widely used.

Social media management

Repetition can be tedious, especially to the small business owner who has lots to do. Social media management tools allow entrepreneurs to manage multiple platforms from a central dashboard. Schedule posts to save time and measure engagement with reports and analytics. Hootsuite is easy to use and offers a free option as well as paid versions.

Cloud products for design and images

SMBs will likely need graphics and images in their marketing toolkit – if they’re posting on social media regularly, this is a must. Cloud-based design software such as Canva is simple yet effective, and with its drag-and-drop formula, you don’t need an art degree to make beautiful designs. Quick, easy to use, and affordable for those running side-hustles or small businesses, DIY design software makes SMBs look as good as they are.

How products help small businesses thrive

Software that automates repetitive tasks, removes stumbling blocks such as affordability and expert skills, or gives SMB owners a helping hand is good news. Solopreneurs, side-hustlers and business owners that don’t have to worry about mundane tasks can focus on what they do best. Their businesses are more likely to thrive which is good news for the owner, the economy, their customers, and their suppliers.

If SMBs can access those helpful cloud-based products through their service provider, they’ll stick around for longer as their business grows too. Might equipping your SMB customers with the tools they need to succeed create a stronger sense of loyalty? All while you do your best to support entrepreneurs. Discover how you can help your SMB customers thrive online and how our white label website builder has helped service providers create long-term customer engagement – contact our partnership team today.

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