Add content improvements

Add content improvements
New feature
Available from: v10.67
Available for: All users

Improving add section discoverability

One of the key activation steps for new sitebuilder users is adding content.

If people add content and subsequently publish, they’re more likely to continue using the product or upgrade to a paid account from a trial.

Around 20% of new trial users – and 60% of new paying subscribers – manage to add content within 7 days of registering (rates vary per partner).

We want to improve these rates and make it quicker and easier for new and existing users to add content in the sitebuilder.

We’ve just shipped the first update to help us achieve this goal.

Instead of selecting the Plus button in the bottom-right of the sitebuilder – then manually choosing a position on the page – users now simply hover over any section and click the Add content here buttonThis will envoke the section library where users can choose a section type. 

This method reduces friction by removing a click from the add section process, and makes the add content button more visible. We hope this will help improve discoverability and subsequently, improve add content rates.

We have some further plans to improve section discoverability, so watch this space!

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