Introducing Go Sitebuilder

Some of you may know that we recently launched an app called Go Sitebuilder. As of this year, we’ve started to unify the BaseKit and Go Sitebuilder brands. This doesn’t mean that we’re not going to be BaseKit anymore (we’re still proud BaseKiteers!), or that we’ll be letting go of our core sitebuilder product; it just means that working with us will be an even more streamlined and focused process.

What is Go Sitebuilder?

To put it simply, Go Sitebuilder is BaseKit! It’s actually been around for a while, as an app-based version of our web presence solution. The core product is the same – we’ve not changed any of our award-winning functionality or UI (apart from the work we’re always doing to improve!); we’ve just incorporated it into our most mobile and versatile product yet.

Why have we changed the name?

The Go Sitebuilder brand was originally designed to help new partner types to support their small business customers, and to make what the product set out to do very clear. We’ve realised that this clarity and appeal is also needed in communications with our existing partners, and with Go we have a brand which can deliver this.

With this clarity in place, we also want to ensure that we appeal to all the markets the product has been designed for. Go Sitebuilder is incredibly versatile, and we want to make sure that we come across that way as well.

Once we’ve streamlined our brand, we can ensure that our marketing collateral is also streamlined – without having to worry about creating content for two brands. Now we’ll be able to create twice as many blogs, eBooks and marketing material for our partners to use!

Are we still channel focused?

Yes! The new name doesn’t mean a totally new direction; it’s actually partly intended to help us to be clearer when we’re communicating with new partners and their customers, and to help us reach the right people. We also want to be able to appeal to new partners and their customers, such as those who aren’t already selling domains as the core part of their business. This is why we’ve started to include domains as part of our offering – so that we can reach these markets and keep working towards our mission of helping small businesses to find success online.

Can Go Sitebuilder be white-labelled?

Yes! We aren’t changing the way we sell our products, and we’ll still be offering the option of an on-premise solution to our partners.

Are we still offering all customisation and integration options?

Yes! We still have a huge range of customisation and integration options to ensure that we can meet your needs and help you get the best from our product. To find out more about these, take a look at our onboarding FAQ blog.

Want to know more?

The Go Sitebuilder website has loads of information about the product itself, as well as the option to sign up for a free trial to see the product in action. If you have any further questions or want to speak to a member of our partnerships team, you can contact them here.

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