Toolbar improvements

Available from: v10.72
Available for: New users

We’ve improved the toolbar with a new visual design and better usability across desktop and mobile.

This update is just the beginning of a series of UX improvements we will be making to our sitebuilder. These changes are based on analysis of how new customers use the product and direct customer feedback.


Updated visual style

The toolbar has been updated using our new design system. The lighter style removes distractions from the editor so the spotlight is entirely on the website.


Relocated controls

Controls for adding content, design mode and the page switcher have been relocated and grouped within consistent dropdown menus at top left. This allows for quicker access to the controls that are used most often.

On mobile these actions appear in the new floating actions bar at the bottom of the screen, bringing them all into thumbs reach.


Labels for clarity

Actions previously depicted by icons have been replaced with clearly labeled buttons, making them more accessible at a glance.

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