Why is it so important to be mobile?

We all know the importance of mobility – over 52% of web traffic worldwide is now mobile – but how important is it for your customers?

We all know the importance of mobility – over 52% of web traffic worldwide is now mobile – but how important is it for your customers?

There are two main reasons for your offering to be mobile: firstly, your small business customers are busy people. They don’t have time for anything that isn’t both mobile and simple – and for something to be truly mobile, it has to be simple. Secondly, their customers are mobile. 89% of people are likely to recommend a brand after a positive brand experience on mobile (Google, 2017); this means that your customers need to ensure that a positive mobile brand experience is exactly what they’re giving their customers. If you can offer them a product designed to work perfectly across all devices, saving them time adapting a website to mobile devices, you’ll make their lives infinitely easier, giving them a reason to stay with you. With more and more people using mobile as their primary device, the need to be mobile is becoming more and more apparent. It’s no longer enough for mobility to be an afterthought; it now needs to be a primary focus.

Your customers are busy

Your small business customers may be running businesses, but, as individuals, they choose products like consumers. With this in mind, it’s important to think about what it is they want and need from a product. They don’t have large teams to fall back on, and they’re often running a business alongside other commitments, whether these are work or personal commitments. They need tools they can use wherever they are, which work just as well on a mobile device or a computer. Running their businesses on the move shouldn’t be an inconvenience, but part of business today, and your offering needs to fit in with this. They need a website builder that not only produces mobile content, but is mobile. They need to be able to update their website at any time, to give themselves the best chance of success with minimal disruption to their busy lives.

We live in a world of micro-moments

Your customers capture the events, moments and images that ultimately become their content on mobile, and they need to be able to quickly and easily share these with their potential and current customers. In a world where communication is dominated by social media, and many of our interactions take place via micro-moments – such as posts on Instagram and 280-character Tweets – people have come to expect the same ease of interaction and updating from every technology they use. Your small business customers need to be able to keep their online presence up to date, seizing every day-to-day opportunity for interaction as it comes. With Google beginning to use mobile-first indexing, they will have an advantage over many others if they are able to update their website easily and regularly, using a fully responsive website creation platform.

Mobility is key to small business success

More and more, your customers are seeing how important mobility is to their customers. By 2019, 94% of small business websites will at least be mobile-friendly, showing that this is a key area of focus for them. They know that customers are less likely to recommend their business if it has a poorly designed mobile site – both from their own experience as consumers and from widely available statistics. With more than 99% of EU businesses classed as SMBs, almost everyone has used a small business at one time or another, and your customers will certainly be using their own experiences to inform their business decisions. If they know that they are using tools that fit in with their customers’ needs and priorities, they can feel confident that they are staying ahead of the businesses (whether direct competitors or not) who have not yet invested in these elements of their online presence.

If your offering isn’t mobile, your customers won’t stay

At the end of last year, over three-quarters of small businesses were one-person operations. In contrast with big corporations, where you are working with many different people from all areas of the business, all with different priorities and ways of thinking, your small business customers are, first and foremost, individuals. What differentiates them from their customers is often just the side of the sales pitch they find themselves on; and this means that they have the same needs as their customers. Just like their customers won’t stand for content that doesn’t display well on their device, and will turn to a different business, they won’t stand for a website builder that doesn’t work well for them. If they have a limiting experience on the device they want to use to create and manage their website, they are far more likely to turn to a competitor to meet their needs.

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