Brand Guidelines

We have a few guidelines for using our BaseKit brand resources.
These assets have been complied for internal sharing only.

Our name

BaseKit should always include the correct capitalisation (capital ‘B’ and ‘K’).

Our logo

The BaseKit logo can be used in two instances: the full mark itself, or the BK icon separately. Both should only ever be used in the dark or light styles.
Download the EPS or PNG files

Our colours

When styling a page, or using accents in your writing, please keep in mind our brand colours. The Darker BaseKit Blue and Standard BaseKit Blue both make for suitable header choices, while our BaseKit Coral can be used for highlights and call-to-actions.
The HEX codes are listed below:





When creating a piece of collateral for internal or external use it’s important to keep your headlines in the Le Monde Livre typeface. However, for online documents shared on Google Docs or Word, we suggest using system font Libre Baskerville.

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