Our unique values serve as the foundation for our business and our people. They guide us through our culture, our product development and the relationships we share with our partners.

Our values.

  • Making happy customers.

    Our company lives or dies on the success of our customers. This is ingrained in our company DNA, from product development to customer support and beyond.

  • Do it with passion.

    We’re passionate about delivering a great product and a fantastic service. As a team, that shared passion pushes us to work hard for what we think is right for our people and our customers.

  • Why so serious?

    We believe in building a fun environment. Some of our best ideas are born after a team breakfast, a game of ping-pong or even a pint in the pub. This is an epic journey and we all intend to enjoy the ride.

  • Always open.

    When we get together and share our experiences we achieve more. We are always open to change, open to learning and open to new ideas. It’s important that we are humble, respectful and always willing to listen.

  • How we grow.

    As we grow as individuals we grow as a team. However hard we work, we always find time to learn, grow and develop, both personally and professionally.

  • Don't play safe.

    We embrace new technologies and enjoy solving problems in new ways. We’re not afraid to rethink how we do something, accepting and learning from our mistakes. Consider the status quo challenged.

  • Success as a team.

    Good team members share knowledge, respect and trust. Our hard work and relentless determination always brings us together to overcome even the greatest of challenges.

  • Do what's right, not what's easy.

    We don't always get things right first time but we always do things with good intentions. When shit happens, we act with honesty and do our best to make it right.

  • We're all human.

    We are one team with a diverse set of cultures and backgrounds. We treat each other with respect and we expect the same in return. Prejudice and discrimination have no place here. No exceptions or excuses.