The mobile industry has changed

With the decline of traditional communication and the growth of digital activity, customers are more reliant on digital services than ever before. Are you competing with the OTT service providers who are already giving your customers the services they want?

How can you compete?

With the rapid growth of the SOHO market, a strong and individual web presence has become a top priority for your customers. Offering SOHO customers our mobile sitebuilder is a proven method of increasing loyalty and retention.

In the first six months of using BaseKit, telcos have gained as many as 40,000 new customers and reduced churn by over 40%

Start now and see growth within twelve weeks

Integrating value-added services can put pressure on your IT and technical teams. With BaseKit, you can skip the backlog and have our sitebuilder up and running by the end of next quarter, leaving you time to focus on achieving the growth you need.