improve churn rates and domain renewal with BaseKit

Adding value through a sitebuilder can be a genuine game changer within an industry constantly under price pressure. are successfully offering their customers the very best in innovative, easy to use and cost effective products.



  • To offer fresh and innovative products to customers

  • To provide enhanced functionality without compromising the demand for an easy to use product

  • To expand into Do It For Me markets


  • Cross-channel marketing to raise awareness of the sitebuilder and it’s functionality

  • Showcasing the product in a prominent place on the homepage

  • Customer nurturing tactics during product trial period


  • 30% revenue growth in 2016

  • Improved customer retention

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Higher domain renewal rates

Background was founded in 1996 and following a series of acquisitions became one of the leading hosting and domain providers in the UK. In 2007 joined Dada, a global hosting group with operations in the UK, Ireland, USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.


Increasing domain renewal put a huge focus on their customers’ wants and needs, and this is the reason they are a successful BaseKit partner. They understand small businesses need for advanced yet intuitive products with a fantastic user experience. They wanted to offer a sticky product, engaging enough to increase domain renewals and improve customer satisfaction.


The power of a mobile sitebuilder

Small business customers are always on the move and rely on their mobile devices for many tasks. Keeping a website fresh helps with search engine ranking and encourages visitors to return.

BaseKit makes it easy to update a website, store or blog from a phone or tablet. Customers don't need to install an app - the software adapts to any screen size.

Within a few weeks of launch, nearly 20% of customers were using mobile devices to update their content and track online sales.


Growing in newer markets

Beyond providing their customers with a fresh and engaging product, BaseKit has also helped tackle additional services like Do It For Me (DIFM).

DIFM not only gives customers great looking websites but also gives the opportunity to build more websites with BaseKit’s lucrative ecommerce platform, which they’ve re-branded as CloudShop.

“I knew I wanted to do something like DIFM and BaseKit is such an easy to use and intuitive product that it made sense for us to use it. Not only could we sell more sites but we could sell the CloudShop as well, our higher margin ecommerce package.” says Rebecca Saxon, Marketing Communications Manager at

A training session from the BaseKit design team provided with the support and guidance they needed to set up a streamlined DIFM process. Their team are now producing more and more custom sites each month.


Increasing subscriptions and making the product ‘stick’ has a good sense of what works for their audience and their brand. Selecting products to showcase on limited and revolving timescales has meant each of their products can be given a complete focus on their homepage. Activities such as social campaigns, PPC, email and content marketing all help to put their products in front of the right customers. Tailoring their approaches via customer segmentation is key to creating smarter and more targeted campaigns.

“We do have a generic approach for some of our market, but in terms of communication we have to be clever in the way we push content out, and how we talk to different segments. Our core audience is small businesses and startups but then we do have another slice of business which is a little more high end.” says Rebecca Saxon, Marketing Communications Manager at


Converting to paid customers

BaseKit is dedicated to helping every partner succeed - Marketing materials such as uniquely branded promotional videos, tutorials and graphics created by BaseKit’s marketing team have helped reach out to their customers with ease, and produced faster results without the need for them to spend time and effort on creating in-house marketing collateral.

“Everything is just so easy with the BaseKit team - even when it comes down to us having a problem. It’s just been a really effortless and friendly process.” says Rebecca Saxon, Marketing Communications Manager at

Using the marketing collateral provided by BaseKit, running offers and raising the awareness of CloudSite and CloudShop has helped grow their customer base.

“We tell customers why they need a website and how to create it - plus every time there is a new feature, we’re able to talk about something different and address customers again and again” says Rebecca Saxon, Marketing Communications Manager at

A 14-day free trial of the sitebuilder is offered to all customers, allowing them to get a feel for what the sitebuilder can do for their business. During the trial period take an active approach to nurturing those customers through an email campaign with several touch points.

Providing more value and a better service

The BaseKit sitebuilder has provided immediate benefits for both and their customers. A website that helps grow a business is a great reason for customers to renew domains and related services.


Become a BaseKit partner

To become a BaseKit partner or just to find out more, please contact our sales team via You can also submit an enquiry via our partners page.