Boost your customers’ growth with
BaseKit’s latest integration with PayPal

What is PayPal?

PayPal is the most popular payment gateway in the world, allowing anyone to send or receive money with just an email address. There’s no need to remember bank details; once your customers have set up an account, they can make or take payments in seconds. It’s a safe and convenient way for any customer to purchase from their online store.

How does it work?

To take payments through PayPal, your customers will need to set up a business PayPal account, which is easy to connect to any BaseKit store. Once they’ve connected their PayPal account to their store, their customers can choose to pay via PayPal. This will redirect their customers to the PayPal login page, where they can sign in to their wallet and choose which of their saved payment methods to use.

Your customers will
love using PayPal

PayPal is just as simple and mobile as BaseKit itself, making it easy for your customers to receive payment for their online goods and services.

The latest version makes it even quicker to set up a business account, so your customers can get started in minutes.

PayPal provides protection for both buyers and sellers. The newest version has been updated to include additional security layers to comply with the latest EU regulations.

Multiple payment options mean that your customers can take payment from a wider range of cards than ever before, as well as systems like Venmo.

No monthly fees: a low fixed fee per transaction plus a percentage based on volume means that they only get charged when they earn money.

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Boost your customers’ growth with
BaseKit’s latest integration with PayPal

Sell more with BaseKit & PayPal

With BaseKit’s fully integrated ecommerce solution your customers can create a store of any size and add more products as they grow. Using beautiful, pre-built sections, they can promote new products, offers or limited stock anywhere on their website.

Provide powerful, growth-driven solutions
for your small business customer

Inventory and stock alerts

Stock tracking and optional alerts when stock falls below a pre-set level

Designed for any screen

Stores instantly look great on all devices so customers can purchase wherever they are

Store analytics

Options to learn more about store performance by tracking revenue, order numbers and discount code use

Product variations

Unlimited product variations such as size or colour – each with individual stock tracking and pricing


Using customised discount codes will increase sales and keep customers coming back


Our SEO tools will help your customers boost their Google rankings so they can easily be found online

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