BaseKit becomes climate positive with Ecologi

February, 2022

BaseKit is excited to announce a new initiative as part of our force for good company agenda. Initiated by our newly appointed and hugely passionate Green Team, we are planting our very own BaseKit forest with Ecologi as part of our commitment to help restore the planet.

Ecologi is a movement that enables businesses and people to offset their carbon footprint and make their difference to the environment by planting trees. Every month hundreds of BaseKit trees will be planted to offset each of our employee’s entire carbon footprint – including home living, travel, holidays, food, hobbies and well, everything!

As we develop our business for the future we hope this monthly commitment will grow and grow until hundreds turn into thousands of trees planted each month, funded by BaseKit on our journey to low carbon living. The movement supports projects around the world from reforestation and rainforest protection to supplying clean drinking water, wind turbines, solar power plants and clean cooking stoves.

We’re over the moon to report that within just a month of becoming a climate positive workforce we have planted 464 trees in our BaseKit forest. According to Ecologi, this has already offset 23.84 tonnes of CO2e – the equivalent of 18 long haul flights, or 72 metres squared of sea ice saved or 59,147 miles driven in a car. It has also already directly impacted climate projects including generating clean electricity from hydropower in India and generating wind power in Vietnam!

“We’re really looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in years to come and the difference we can make to the environment. Being part of this initiative has had a tremendous impact on our employees – it really resonated with the team and they are very proud to be part of our exciting journey as we continue to shape our business as a climate positive workforce.” Wendy Weston, HR Director

Our monthly tree planting commitment doesn’t stop there! We’ll also be donating more trees every time a BaseKit employee travels for business.

“We’re ready and willing to take on the target of planting 1 million trees if we can! We’re currently looking at many other ways we can grow our forest via our own initiatives and those with our partners, so watch this space for more updates.” Says Wendy

BaseKit’s commitment to climate change is also a part of our roadmap to becoming B Corp certified. The UK B Corporation Movement is a non-profit network that is transforming the global economy to benefit all people, the communities and the planet. It uses business as a force for good and BaseKit is on its journey to becoming fully certified in that movement.

Want to give a little love to the forest?

Why not get involved and spread the word to your network. For every referral, Ecologi will plant 30 trees in your forest as a thank you!

To learn more about the impact of our positive climate workforce: Check out BaseKit’s Ecologi dashboard

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