Technical Support at BaseKit: Meet Nelly

Profile photo of Nelly, Technical Support Lead at BaseKit

At BaseKit, our software is intuitively designed to make the end user experience as effortless as it can be. But we know that providing expert technical support is profoundly important to ensure we leave no question unanswered and no issue or explanation unresolved.

We are very privileged therefore to have our support team led by our multilingual, highly expert, lovely and tenacious BaseKit Technical Support Lead – Nelly.

Nelly and her team provide fundamental training and support to our partners at BaseKit and we are very lucky to have them! We took some time out to talk to Nelly to understand more about her day-to-day role, her current projects and what motivates her outside BaseKit.

Tell us about yourself and what you do at BaseKit?

I live in Madrid and I’ve worked remotely at BaseKit since the very beginning. I started as a first line support agent providing help in English, Spanish, and French. I’m currently the BaseKit Technical Support Lead and my job is to train new partners about our software and provide day-to-day help to our existing partners with questions they may have about our products.

A friend told me  about BaseKit back in 2011 and I became very interested in what they were doing. I am also a graphic designer, so I have had the opportunity to create websites for different customers from scratch and use the tools available back then (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, FTP services) so this concept of creating your website without having to actually code it yourself interested me.

I started working at BaseKit that same year – it’s been 11 years now! Before BaseKit I worked at an Advertising agency (RMG Connect) while completing my masters degree in Advertising management.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m not great before coffee so, first: coffee. Then my work is just a few steps away in my office at home. I review new requests from our partners and start working on them. I’m very proud to be very meticulous when investigating and solving any issues. Usually my day consists of communicating with other teams about possible technical problems, devising workarounds, and helping our partners with any questions they may have about our products.

I also provide training to new partners on BaseKit products. I always emphasise at the beginning of the session that I much prefer people to interrupt me with questions as they come up. It’s so important to me because there is no one size fits all kind of training. We have different modules to address our different products and control panel options but I like to tailor each session to the team I am talking to from design to support or marketing – to make sure they have a smooth ride to launch and ongoing success.

Are you currently working on any specific projects?

I am! Currently I’m collecting data about the areas where we could improve the information that we share with our partner’s support agents. Once the areas are outlined, we can then proactively offer either more training in those areas, or launch synchronous and asynchronous communications to complement our knowledge base. It’s really important to me that our partners’ support teams feel empowered, and that can only be achieved by proactively sharing knowledge.

What are the most rewarding and challenging things about your work?

A couple of different aspects that come with the job are providing answers and finding solutions. It is rewarding to help customers achieve their goals this way. The second part relates to problem-solving . This requires you to be analytical and to use lateral thinking to find solutions. This is challenging, but we understand that there are real people waiting for an answer, so we try not to leave any stone unturned and provide workarounds when possible.

Tell us a little about you

Anything that involves creativity! Lately I’ve taken up clay sculpting. I’ve been watching Pirates of the Caribbean with my son, so my sculpting has been focused on sea people.

What I like about it is that you don’t have to have the finished product in your head, you can just keep adding to it until it feels right. That hobby is rather new though. I still go back from time to time to drawing, playing Minecraft, and tattooing.

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