Product Updates: H2 2019

BaseKit Product Updates

Our aim is to make online presence easy for your customers. That’s why with our latest product updates we’ve focused on simplicity and putting your customer in control of their website. Here are the latest updates that have been keeping our team busy since the summer.

Latest developments

Basket widget:

Your customers and their website visitors can now benefit from a basket widget right inside the navigation of their website. This makes it easier for website visitors to shop. Shoppers will now be able to view items in their basket from anywhere on the website without having to visit individual product pages. 

Shape dividers:

Our product team is always looking for new ways to make every website created with BaseKit look beautiful. So, this year we’ve added all-new ‘Shape Dividers’. Shape dividers make a website look more interesting and attractive to the website visitor. Adding a new shape to divide each section is a quick way to create visually engaging and memorable pages.

Improved photo editor:

Following some problems with our old image editor, we’ve made some updates. Now your customers can edit their images, add text and even add Instagram-like filters to keep a consistent look for their website content.

BaseKit 10 migration 

Our product-development team has been working hard to ensure every partner gets the latest version of our technology. So, we’ve been ensuring that every existing customer using an older version of BaseKit can upgrade to our simplest and most mobile product yet! We’ve retrofitted over 100 templates so they work with BaseKit 10’s new sections and we’ve made several technical changes to support the smooth process for every migrated customer.

Upcoming features and improvements

These are the developments we’re working on. You can expect to see in early 2020. 

New templates and sections: 

Our ever-evolving template and section library will see some new additions. Helping your customers to improve the presentation of their website content in no time at all. New sections include headers and footers, image and text, promotional sections and pricing tables. Take a look at the upcoming releases below: 

Scrolling effects:

Our product team has been working on new scrolling effects such as Parallax, Zoom and Reveal to improve the published website of every customer. Check out a sneak peek below. 

Your customers will soon be able to add scrolling effects to their website. This will help them improve the experience for their customers as they click and scroll through their website. Scrolling effects improve the experience for a website visitor, make a site more attractive and help the website owner draw attention to particular sections of their website. 

A sneak peek of what a customer’s website could look like with scrolling effects!

Summary of H2 product updates

  • BaseKit widgets: Shoppers can quickly view items in their basket from anywhere on the site
  • Shape Dividers: Help website owners to make their content look more attractive
  • Improved photo editor: Removes issues with the old editor; gives users more control over their website images
  • BaseKit 10 migration: We’re working to ensure that every customer has the latest version of our technology – even those with published sites
  • New templates and sections – COMING SOON: Customers can improve the look of their website content
  • Scrolling effects – COMING SOON: Improve the website visitor’s experience and draw attention to special content

For more information on our latest developments check out our product updates page. Or to find out how BaseKit’s white label website builder could help your small business customers to find success, please get in touch on the contact page or on 


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