GDPR at BaseKit


What is The GDPR?
The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a piece of legislation that was introduced in May 2018 to toughen data privacy and security standards across Europe. It’s all about how businesses should protect and use personal data whilst ensuring the subject of the data remains in control of how their data is used. All businesses will need to make sure their processes and systems meet the standards described in the new regulation.

Our Commitment to GDPR
At BaseKit, we take data protection and information security very seriously. We are committed to ensuring our customers’ data and privacy is protected. Whether you are a customer of our own Go Sitebuilder brand, or are a customer of one of our many partners around the world, we strive to keep your information protected and in your control.

We’ve worked hard to build a secure platform and embed GDPR compliance and information security best practices across all BaseKit teams. That’s why we’ve been chosen as a trusted partner of leading global brands like Telefónica and Amazon.

Here are some of the key things we’ve done to ensure your data is protected:

As well as making sure our websites and products are compliant, we’ve also made it easy for BaseKit websites to be compliant. We provide off-the-shelf GDPR features like cookie warnings, privacy policies, and opt-ins.

Privacy Policies
We’ve written a number of privacy policies to set out how we use and protect the information we collect from users, partners, and employees.

Third Party Suppliers
We’ve audited our third party suppliers. It’s important that all of our suppliers have a commitment to protecting the data we may share with them.

To make sure we stay on top of our GDPR compliance, all BaseKit staff complete GDPR training and assessment at least once per year.

If you would like to find out more about our commitment to GDPR you can get in touch with our Data Protection Office via

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